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Full Version: Admin Rules (Conventional)
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Admin Rules

Banning Rules

Ban Permanent for these following reasons

Cheating by Wallhacking, Aimboting, Speedhacking and any kind of hacking.
Ghosting is also another kind of cheating that make unfair advantage to other people.
IP Changing and Steam Account Switching to bypass a Ban.

Ban for 60 minutes or less than that depend on your consideration for the following reasons

Grenade Spamming to spam and flood the chat.
Team Flashing to annoy teammates.
Hostage Killing to mess the gameplay.
Camping at the glitch of the map.
Skywalking in the sky of the map.
Advertising other servers

Ban for 1 Day or less than that depend on your consideration for the following reasons

Disrespect the Community, Members and Players or High Rank Server Admins/Staffs.
Racism to other players.
Abuse to other players
Harassment to other players

Note - If any Server Admins want to complete something over the rules state above. Please ask for Staffs for an approve for those bans or come to explain the ban detail on forums.

1. Please Respect every Member and Player in the servers. If players disrespect Server Admins first, Server Admins are able to Ban them for 1 day or less depending in your consideration. Please do not have any argument with them in public server.

2. You have to Follow all the orders from Higher Members.

3. Show your Maturity and your Responsability on both forums and servers.

4. Server Admins are not allowed to ban for excessive camping, you may only slap, slay and kick.

5. Server Admins are advised not to share their passwords and admin account with a third person.Violation of this rule at any instances will not be tolerated.  

Best Regards
Lamda | Management