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Full Version: Regarding one being trust-worthy or not & ofc farewell @"/N~LegioN/^Kalinikta".
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Okay! I'm not gonna say or even begin to argue about what this self-proclaimed arse and about his delusional manifestations which he did blabbered all this time since been back after a permanent ban God knows for what kick , as for like reality it's a public forum and people with absent minds can say whatever they can , consequences aside.

But only thing here worth mentioning , for such attention seeking pricks like him here it is,

This guy "Romantic heart" is above all if it comes to LAMDAPROCS , neither core or any individual owner can do or even think about doing what this guy single-handedly accomplished here in these past couple of years which includes not just forum (site) it's the entire existence of Lamda Server's and everything which makes LAMDAPROCS a community.

So , Nobody even can questions about him being "trust-worthy" or not.

Now , have a good life ahead and forget about being a part of Lamdaprocs for eternity (Even it's a public forum but believe us , we are capable of doing whatever we desire . So for people like you consider it , "A Despotism").


{Note : Writing this after the ban because I CAN, enjoy the Gist here!!}
My phone .... I love you ... Coz I am able to see some spicy things at last .... Cheers to old monk cheers to my phone ..... Yay