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Active week boost from 2nd of October to 9th of October.
Parallel month boost started on October 5th and should last till November 4th.
Active week boost from 18th of October to 25th of October on
Month boost from 25th of October to 22nd of November active.

Edit: 2nd - small - month boost active from November 3rd to 2nd of December. 
#1 Month boost active from 29th of November to 28th of December.
#2 Month boost active from 2nd of December to 30th of December.

#3 Week boost active on from 13th of December to 19th of December.
#1 Week boost active from 13th of January to 19th of January.
#1 Week boost active ( from 21st of July until 28th of July!
#1 Week boost active ( from 31 of July until 7th of August!
#1 Week boost active ( until 25th of August!
#1 Week boost active ( until 17th of September!
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