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Full Version: Server rules LPC Aim-Maps
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RULES for smooth Gameplay and Server

Please follow these rules for fair Gameplay.

1 - Team joining is automated. Please do not change teams manually if not really needed.
2 - Do not use any map bugs.
3 - Do not cheat or hack.
4 - Connecting with an active ban is forbidden. You will get banned and maybe more.
5 - If you got banned and feeling bad about this go to our forum and complain in UNBAN section.
6 - Copying Admins nick or Tag will lead to a kick and/or ban.
7 - Copying Admins SteamID will lead to ban.
8 - Microphone spam is forbidden.
9 - Harassing / abusing / insulting / hate speach of any kind is forbidden & will not be tolerated.
10 - Respect any player as you want to be respected.
11 - advertising other servers / web sites is forbidden.

Enjoy the time Smile

These rules can get modified in future.
Roger that Wink