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Full Version: vip abuse
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1. yeah now is free vip time and he free slaying all when exactly he's zombie.
3.abuser name- Default-Blackghost
Thanks for reporting.
Please wait until the demo is reviewed. Our higher authority will contact you asap with a suitable decision about this matter.
Till then enjoy the game. :-)
I will review the demo in a moment, hold on....

Demo Reviewed
Name: -Default-Blackghost
Abuse: Slay all when he is Zombie so he can play as CT
Penalty will be applied

-Thread Closed.
I dont think so. Logs and all say nothing about slay. It could be an server problem about bugged plugin.
Yep, something went wrong on the server, Hunter and i just reviewed the demo again
No abuse here. Bugged plugin or something.....