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Full Version: Rules for Boost
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You can boost here:

SMS Boost:

1x Boost ===> 7 days VIP
2x Boost ==> 14 days VIP
3x Boost ===> 28 days VIP (U have to boost in 30 days 3x, like 1x / week)

For Admin Boost:

4x Boost in 1 Month (u have to boost for 1 Month Admin every week 1x with Proof

For Superadmin Boost:

You have to boost the Server every 3 Days.

For every Boost we need a Proof about it. How to show the proof?

1: Do a Screenshot from your Phone about the boost + the answer from + the TIME !!! (How?
2: Upload your Screenshot and send us the link. (example here: or
3: The Screenshot as Example to approve it like here:

4: You have to create a Topic here :
5: Send me a private message with all Infos or one of Owner or Team Core.