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Full Version: Admin application
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- Applying for: Admin / VIP: Admin
- NON STEAM or STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:5614295
- Your Level on server: RANK 32
- Level of English: High
- Your age: 19/21
- Ever been banned or warned: no
- Have you paid for any privilages: no
- Average online time per day: 5h or more
- Your C.S 1.6 Experience: 11 years
- What is your link:
- What can you offer to our server: I can help in the game (enquires) or in Discord.
- Tell something unique about yourself: We are two brothers that love to play in People know us from PK iSLAM uZZy or PK iSLAM
- Amx experience: 1 year
- Contact Details (Skype/Discord/Steamlink/TS3): skype ID: DISCORD = 420#0285
- Why do you want to be admin? We want to be admin to make easier for people that cannot upgrade their's machines to level 3 and to try prevent from people that are using hacks such as wallhacks, aim or any kind of.
-Commands i know :
amx_kick name
amx_nick name
amx_map name of the map
amx_inban steam
Moved into jew thread.

This is just a copy & paste of the Mahdi's post.
Even the gametracker link is same.

And you want administrator ?