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Full Version: admin Krism abusing amx
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admin: Krism

He slayed me for being close to my dispenser.



note: slay happened in the last minute of the demo. I was shooting and got slayed

from console:

*DEAD* {I really love Lamda!!} [LPC DM-S-AdmiN] Krism : dispenser Big Grin
*** VIINjak| Skinny Sooknew killed Krism with a headshot from ak47 ***
{Muerto el Perro} [LPC DM-VIP] VIINjak| Skinny Sooknew : its ok, you type i kill
{Muerto el Perro} [LPC DM-VIP] VIINjak| Skinny Sooknew : i like that
ADMIN Krism: slay VIINjak| Skinny Sooknew
I just banned you for a week, take a moment to think about your behavior and we invite you next week Smile
This post is about an admin giving me slay for no reason (except to reset my shop items).