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How To Find And Upload Your Demo/Screenshots - Birdy Num Num - 05-11-2015

Hello guys in this post I will explain how to find your demo/screenshots and upload it.

1:First you have to find your demo file which is in your cstrike folder. Demo file starts with your STEAMID and the name of the server. For example [STEAM_0_0_91973296]Lamda_Dust2_Demo. Screenshots also found in that folder (if taken by admin using amxban)
Screenshots and demo in same folder. It starts with <name_of_map>.bmp [for eg. de_dust0000.bmp]

[Image: rDVUQba.png]

2:This is where your demo will be located in the next step you have to compress the demo then upload it at

[Image: HW1vSuK.png]

Note:Any demo file longer than 20 mb should be compressed. All screenshots must be placed in a folder and that should be compressed.

3:To start upload at click on browse then locate your demo file and upload it.

4.Now after you find your demo open it then click on start upload.
[Image: pulado78374.png]

5.After upload you will find the link open it that link will be your uploaded demo.

[Note: Following are for those who don't know how to post unban request]
6.Go to Unban section on forum
[Image: jnnNjrS.png]

7.Then Post Thread
[Image: t4nExJt.png]

8.The format how to post demo
[Image: Lntn8xM.png]

How the console info looks like (copy the text from console and paste on thread)
[Image: WrO0Mua.png]

#Lamda _Forever Big Grin

RE: How To Find And Upload Your Demo - Dark Horse - 08-19-2015

##### UPDATED for those who ask how to post thread #####

RE: How To Find And Upload Your Demo - Minus ////// lamda - 08-19-2015

nice work dark .... Big Grin