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Rules and Conducts for LAMDA TEAM - lkt3pto{a.k.a Love k.T} - 03-24-2018

(Needs to be followed strictly & understand)

These section of rules are governed just to keep servers decent and clean with right kind of crowd who cares about community and willing to do all necessary deeds to keep it that way only , irrespective of the fact in what physical condition server is or how other members are behaving, it implies on all team members but one is responsible for himself or herself only. As these rules strictly applied for all TEAM MEMBERS listed in hyperlink and if any in violation of it ,so then that one can consider to be out of team(A proper thread will be made regarding that guilty member so all will know the reason why he/she been removed).

                         1. If you are part of team it doesn't matter you are veteran or new member , each member here is picked and added due to their merits only .So if you are in violation of abusing admin rights or somehow factor in disrupting the calm of community , you will be removed with proper explanation irrespective of fact what you did for community in past or not. As I believe if there is someone who did something for community then he/she should understand the literal meaning of community first so you don't get the feeling if you did great things in past then you own this community or allowed to behave however way you like and end up disrupting the calm of community.

Here is what community stands for and should be progressed only. A community like this , is made for the sake of gamers out there so they can have couple hours of fun without having heated arguments and wild & inappropriate exchange of slangs and words simple .If you enjoy that , then you are very well welcome to do so but not as a Team Member .Even then , if still one have incessant urge to unleash your that side so please keep it private use ts3/discord/steam for such verbal or text exchanges only but not in a public server with a tag that represents you as Lamda Official (Core/veteran/admin etc).

Communities like this are non-profit and highly depends its progress on what kind of team is leading it, so if one don't understand those are putting their hard work , money and especially better part of their valuable time in this and one is treating it as some jungle gym or amusement park so that one can come as a member and act however inappropriately that wants and/or have abusive nature and/or have no control on one's perversions and/or have no moral sensibility or ethics how to behave in public and/or have highly grumpy nature so not able to treat or entertain new crowd or old even with respect or just not have sensibility to respond even at difficulty times. Having patience and right attitude is must required and socialization is what makes any community progressive only and as the saying goes one foul apple can rot entire set of closely bound apples. So , any member who lacks basic manners and have no patience or any socialization skills to how to behave in calm or in chaotic times and end up disrespecting community or community players in anyway even by comments or acting out on servers or even making things personal with any team member and/or with any random players on our server. Simplest fact till you are part of Lamda team , you can't take matters in your hand doesn't matter however biggest of a bully you are or think can resolve it that way. If there is an issue of Lamda or in proximity of Lamda then it should be and will be sorted out in well governed and respectable boundaries only and if you chose otherwise then be assured that you won't going to be part of community thereafter .

                           2. Now basic understanding , these rules have no objections how you act or live your personal life literally but till one is in the diameter of Lamda and violates any mentioned rules in these thread then he/she will going to be removed.
Reality Check Now : Everyone is clearly aware of the fact how toxic this online gaming environment can be , but yet if you are sensible enough and understand and know how to utilize the authorities/privilege you get being a team member here then you won't end up being a part of any highly disturbing commotion of any kind. There is ban/gag option out there for a reason so request is to use instead of using words to keep them calm or well behaved. Fact is there is no necessity to turn into "Gandhi" even, but there is also no freaking necessity to make situation uncontrolled and disturbing which again end up disrupting the calm of community one way or other. One don't have to be highly educated or some highly respected private authority or some big social Kahuna even to understand these simplistic rules and way of conducts simple and one with decent understanding of world around can get it easily only.

                           3. Now if someone have excessive pride that he/she is best of all and behave that they can own each player or are better than anyone then please dear boi or girl do understand there is always a better one if it comes to gaming or anything else even. If you think you are top player then talk to me , i can bet that i have met and talked enough pro's those haven't even played on lamda but can play better than anyone so far played in lamda literally (Not trying to disrespect anyone many lamda pro's have high experience than me and plays way way better even ). So if you are team member here please keep your pride in check so you don't end up misbehaving and disrespecting community players of any region .Since lamda do is a global community which simply includes players from Asia and Europe and atm if one look up there aren't many communities left with this much diversity. So one have to be "liberal" enough , so that one can respect and behave with all diverse people they meet and end up working with only.As only way to co-exist only. If you are not built for such environment and/or can't control your demons and/or have no patience whatsoever and/or have personal issue and end up unleashing that awkwardness out in public and/or not progressive by nature and/or highly cynical then please understand you are not bound to be a part of online community where socialization is what matters the most as being friendly or being jolly by nature comes way after as also one don't even need to be extremely perky even but all is needed is moderated decent behavior if you are part of team.

Note: I rather have 10 people helping me around here than a mass (irrespective of even if we succeed or not as we all know CS 1.6 is a game which is been played from over a decade and yet we have community even after this long time but sure it cannot be for forever even we dream that it will be but it won't that's the reality and to keep that in mind we like to progress still till we can and stop when there will be time only). So future can be bright if we chose right path and right people along only to work with as gaming is what we boast upon and we like to involve other gaming platform if we can only but with right people and right minds around only.
Thanks for giving it a read. Hope you chose to be a team member here with understanding it all only.