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Server rules - Veicis - 08-06-2018

Server rules

These rules are to be followed by all and any player on server (including admins)

Game play rules

1 - Team select can only be done auto a team pick of CT or TS is forbidden (if a player gets caught to reconnect to get into opposing team will be transferred back to an original team)( if team switch is seen onwards a ban of 30 min may apply)
2 - Each team has a time frame of 30sec to move out of base & surrounding area, failure to do so will lead to a slap or slay.
3 - Camping is forbidden to both UNLESS fulfilling team objective (e.g CT camping / guarding bombsite before c4 is planted or else TS camping at bombsite after c4 is planted)
4 - Use of any map bugs is forbidden. (will lead to a slap / slay) -
5 - Use of any hacks / scripts / SGS /KZH / Strafe or any other advantages is forbidden and will lead to a ban.(Permanent)
6 - Connecting with an active ban is forbidden (will lead to a PIKA), All &any bans should be cleared before joining the server.(a complete CS corruption)
7 - Every player has a right to appeal unfair bans or report an admin, if a player feels that he has been treated unfairly.
8 - At no circumstances a player should copy admins nick & or tag (Kick applies,if admins nick remains after a kick ban will apply)
9 - Reconnecting after death to play the round twice is forbidden (ban of up to 30 min applies)
10 - Ghosting is forbidden due to having extra advantage, any players caught doing so will result in a ban of up to 1 day
11 - Grenade spamming from base is forbidden. ( ban up to 30 min applies)
12 - Microphone spam is forbidden (gag applies or kick)
13 - Copying Admins SteamID will lead to ban OR Pika.
14 - Nickname with an advertisement OR abusive in any way, may lead to a ban, if not followed a request to change
15 - Excessive miss behaving of any rules MAY lead to a ban

General rules

1 - Harassing / abusing or insulting in any way is forbidden & will not be tolerated (will lead to a Gag -> Kick -> Ban up to 1 week if repeats permanent ban may apply)
2 - Respect has to be shown to all players & admins.(gag -> kick -> ban up to 1 week0
3 - advertising other servers / webs is forbidden and will lead to a ban(up to 1 week)

Our team Values each player on the server, therefor we'd love to see these rules be OBEYED

Rules may get added / changed or removed at any time

RE: Server rules - Veicis - 07-29-2019

Updated! 29/07/19