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Report Bug - DrHunter - 06-24-2020

When i was dragged by Jockey . He suddenly became Tank still he was dragging me

RE: Report Bug - [HUNTER]*SUPER*STAR* - 06-24-2020

When A Jockey Using His power and he becomes Tank He have the power till he dont stop if he continously using his power then he will have power or else if he once stopped drag then he will not be able to use power

RE: Report Bug - Beastgameryashu - 06-24-2020

Yep! @[HUNTER]*SUPER*STAR* is totally right.

Thanks to @[HUNTER]*SUPER*STAR*.


RE: Report Bug - Corona Hunter - 06-24-2020

Thats not a bug. The Mod cant handle this things in the self moment. Its not a bug, but i think its good that u can finish your powers as Jockey before you lost it about Tank. So this is not an Bug. My Swarm Scripter maked the mod like this.

But thx for report.

RE: Report Bug - DrHunter - 06-25-2020

Ok Thanks yor support