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Admin Tudy - NALIWAJ - 06-27-2020

the situation is quite clear, i was just enjoying my game at this loveley server, and what happened was, that at the end of the round, friendly fire was opened and i accidenteley shot tudy (who is admin), but i stopped, and then he killed me, after i respawned, i killed him, and he started slaying me... i think that is against the rules of this servers, ff is made for killing teamates... the action starts at 45 min. the link is here also if the file wont work at the upload:
thank you for your attention,

With regards,

your loveley mr. NALIWAJ


RE: Admin Tudy - Beastgameryashu - 06-27-2020

Thanks for reporting. The topic already solved by corona hunter.

Clear Abuse is seen.

And Admin Tuidy Get banned for 10 hours and his slay/vote access removed.



RE: Admin Tudy - NALIWAJ - 06-27-2020

Thank you, sir Big Grin