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hacker - D3vilishh. - 07-26-2020

was on server one map before "corona hunter" but he's ignoring me.
aimbot, mybe some multihex.
sorry for demo, in server didn't has oppion to go in spec and forgot for autorecord.

RE: hacker - Corona Hunter - 07-26-2020

In which time i can see the aimbot ? i dont watch the full demo !!!!!!!

RE: hacker - D3vilishh. - 07-26-2020

you can lock thread.
trye'd watch demo from steamed cs and got kicked from the game, then i tried from nonsteam is giving me error on russian language
so i can't tell you specific time on demo.

RE: hacker - Corona Hunter - 07-26-2020

then its useless here. I dont watch the demo maybe another user will do it.

RE: hacker - ~DeViL~ - 07-26-2020

For some reasons i cant view the demo in steam or nonsteam version. everytime the game crashes.
Although this player has been banned in another server for aimbot.
Thanks for the report