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member - | Musashi | Th3_Kill3r - 07-27-2020

I am applying for: member

Member Name: Mohammad Hammouri

In Game Name: Th3_Kill3r

Birthday/Age: 15

Gender (Optional): male

How long have you been playing in Lamda servers?: 3 days

How/Where did you find our server(s) and/or forum? from server menu

Own IP Address:

Steam or Non-Steam: nonsteam

Steam ID:  69 STEAM_1:0:557646431   0 00:19  138    0

What kind of server(s)/mod(s) do you like to play?: sentry + laser

Introduce yourself: i am admin 3 servers and i love this servers and web and every thing and i just like to help servers idk way but i love to help and i have vip

RE: member - rian - 07-28-2020

Welcome on board! @ | Musashi | Th3_Kill3r
Thank you for applying as member of LamdaProCS.
You are approved.
Please have a look in here too:
Thanks and enjoy. Feel free to give any error or suggestion into the crowd.