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sup - D3vilishh. - 07-27-2020

i'm not new here, i was playing here something like 1~ month back with
another nickname. like 5months then i take pause from gaming.
So im back here and ready for gaming.
i have some experiance with plugins and skripting, some time ago liked work witch "valve hammer editor" and make some cool maps.
i had 3 years ago personal cs 1.6 servers like dd2/zm/furian then i was starting working and had no time for that, so i closed that.
I'm 22 old male and next month was 23.
My english are not perfect but i think that is not problem.
My name is Rihards, my profession is welder. My ingame name is identical so nothing new i can't tell.
I'm playing only swarm server and i love it. Only has some problems in servers, like "cheatrs and so op vip xm1014"
about my hobbies? I love driving with my volkswagen passat around old Rīga getting girls, without this i like
ride a bike through the field.
my fb -
my ig -

if someone have some questions i was glad to answer

RE: sup - rian - 07-28-2020

Congratulations and welcome.
Nice to read your intro. I hope you will have enough time to play on our server while going to work and enjoy your nice living area.
Thanks for your words.