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Free VIP - Sajkova - 08-27-2020

Applying for:  VIP
Ingame Name on server : Sajkova
NON STEAM or STEAM ID:  STEAM_1:0:977102843
Your Level on server: 32
Level of English:  mediate
Your age: 19
Ever been banned or warned: No
Have you paid for any privilages: No
Average online time per day: 5-8hours
Your C.S 1.6 Experience: 2 years
What can you offer to our server:  always obey the rules
Tell something unique about yourself: Im a girl from Macedonia who likes to listen to techno,play cs and have fun Smile

RE: Free VIP - rian - 08-27-2020

A Techno loving girl. That's nice. Welcome in here.
Adding girls models soon.
Please send me a PM with a password of your choice to activate your VIP.