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I am applying for: Member

Member Name: EnCiK

In Game Name: EnCiK

Birthday/Age: 16 - April - 2001 age 19

Gender (Optional): Male

How long have you been playing in Lamda servers?: month and a half

How/Where did you find our server(s) and/or forum?: Gametracker

Own IP Address: Private

Steam or Non-Steam: Non Steam

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:16668353

What kind of server(s)/mod(s) do you like to play?: I really like deathmatch Sentry Gun

Introduce yourself: My name is Dominik, I am from Poland greetings

RE: EnCiK MEMBER APPLICATION - rian - 12-18-2020

Welcome on board, Dominik. Nice to see some people from the neighbourhood Big Grin

Enjoy the time.