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Freeban - Anonim - 01-03-2021

1. Nick that you use in the game: aiDas
2. Evidence - demo file and screenshot (Demo file upload - Zippyshare) :
3. Information from the Console ban :
Completed demo
[mdbBans] Checking if there are expired bnas...
Admin `HexsoN~: ban aiDas for 2800 minutes , reason: SpeciallyKillingHuman.
Kicked : "Admin `HexsoN~ banned you for 2800 minutes. Reason: SpeciallyKillingHuman. See console ofr detail
4. Describe the situation: I got ban for "Specially team killing" Big Grin Which is allowed in Swarm, in the end of map Smile

This is same demo, maybe somebody will be better for zippyshare:

RE: Freeban - Corona Hunter - 01-03-2021

BAN IS REMOVED and Admin got Warning.