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Simecas is back,baby - Ninfomaniac - 02-17-2021

1. Nickname on our servers: Simecas

2. Your real name : Simas

3. Your age : 20

4. Country of residence : Lithuania

5. Contact - Skype/email/facebook : I'll leave my discord Smile Simecas#3880

6. How long you've been playing CS: I've been playing cs 1.6 quite a while haha. Since I was 5, so this year it's going to be 16th year of my gameplay

7. Your favorite server : I had no idea this server reopened, so 4 sure this one! The swarm is the best thing could happen in 1.6 series Tongue

8. Any hobbies : I like an active outdoor activities,since I was a paramedic and a former scout in a military ,I know a lot about tactics, survival in a wild. Forest is my second home Big Grin

9. What do you think of our servers?: Servers are really good! Except one thing (idk if thats only my problem or anybody else has it, but sometimes it gets laggy. I understand that 28-32 players are a lot, but yea... Sometimes it gets laggy at that point,everyone starts to teleport,you dont know where you're shooting and etc.

10. Do you have any suggestions/complaints regarding our servers? I'd suggest to create a place of management for few people to look after the server. Im not talking about the admins or vip's that are bought. Something higher, that knows the rules and would look after the server. (not the owners but one constantly playing person who will have the rights to use amx_kick, amx_ban, amx_mute, amxmodmenu)

Since many of you may not remember me as a Ninfomaniac, here I am. Im back after almost 2 years to play in this server(cause i was creating my carrier in military and then the CORONA thing came. (obviously not the owner haha), and have absolutely no regrets! Hopefully you all think the same way and have a great day!

[Image: XsvRFrc] and thats me if anyone wonders how do the killing machine looks like not only in game but irl Smile