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Rq MemBer - LPC | The Shark - 02-17-2021

I am applying for: VIP 2 WeEks Big Grin

Member Name: Marwan Othman
In Game Name: The Shark

Birthday/Age: 2003/7/4

Gender (Optional): Boy / Male

How long have you been playing in Lamda servers?: 6 Monthes But Im was playing In Umbrela Swarm Zombie

How/Where did you find our server(s) and/or forum? : Server im Sceare CSDM In Gametracker in Find The Server And im Find Link Forum In The server

Own IP Address: (EXAMPLE IP, FIND YOUR IP AND COPY HERE --Your IP v4 address: is needed only) : / Your IP v6 address:

Steam or Non-Steam: NoN-Steam
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:867553233

What kind of server(s)/mod(s) do you like to play?: Deathmatch SeNtryGuN :v

Introduce yourself: Im Love Cs 1.6 And When Me Love AnyServer Im Can Active 9H+

RE: Rq MemBer - rian - 02-18-2021

Welcome as new Lamda Member.

Enjoy the time and stay clean.

Please see here too:

RE: Rq MemBer - Corona Hunter - 02-19-2021

Welcome and Have Fun.