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Member Application - Alkotras!?! - 03-06-2021

I am applying for: Member

Member Name:Alkotras!?!

In Game Name:Alkotras!?!

Birthday/Age: 16 y/o

Gender (Optional): Male

How long have you been playing in Lamda servers?: like 3 months

How/Where did you find our server(s) and/or forum?:

Own IP Address: Private

Steam or Non-Steam: Non Steam

Steam ID: https:/

What kind of server(s)/mod(s) do you like to play?: i really like AWP maps
Introduce yourself: My name is Adam I am from Macedonia Smile

RE: Member Application - rian - 03-07-2021

Welcome Adam.
I like reading your application as you did a simple but quite unique introduction.
You are apporved as Lamda Member.
Enjoy the game and feel free to contact us when having questions or opinions.