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Sup<3 - LPC | The Shark - 03-27-2021

1. Nickname on our servers: The Shark

2. Your real name (yes, your real real-life name) : Marwan Othman

3. Your age (ladies are not obligated to answer Wink ): 19

4. Country of residence (Masturbatia is an acceptable response, but you will have to do a sexy dance to prove it): Egypt/Cairo

5. Contact - Skype/email/facebook (Optional): I Aldreay In Discord Server & Group Facebook

6. How long you've been playing CS(don't get sad if we call you noob. We call everyone noobs. Even ourselves): Just 2 Monthes And Complete 8 Years I Play From My Old Was 10 i Love CS <3

7. Your favorite server (If our servers get depressed that you don't like them, we will put them in rehab. You be truthful): Deathmatch

8. Any hobbies ("Hobbies? what are those? I even skip bathing to play CS" - perfectly acceptable response Wink ): Quickness & tactfulness & good ideas I have a renewed struggle: v

9. What do you think of our servers? (You can say they suck, but then you should also willingly accept a reply of "you suck" from us) :
I haven't seen better servers yet and the owners are so humble. Team LamdaProCs <3

10. Do you have any suggestions/complaints regarding our servers? If so, please write them down
(we promise to ignore your suggestions for two weeks because we're too busy doing the Irish clogging dance. Then we will make a random decision that more than half our moderators will have no clue about Wink ): I have a suggestion in Deathmatch, and I hope to solve this problem. Transfer System The two teams are complete, and when they die, I bring them down. Get Transfer To The Enemy Team

RE: Sup<3 - Corona Hunter - 03-28-2021

you are allready Member of Lamba Member of Lamdaprocs. So wtf?