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Youtube Video Event - Win admin (and VIP) - rian - 08-23-2021

Hello dear happy Sentry fraggers!

I want to announce a Youtube Gaming Video Event where you can win 3 months Admin on our Sentry Server. On top there will be 100.000 shop points!

All you need to do is create a cool gaming video of at least 4 minutes of gameplay. But the trick is not to record simple gameplay. i want you to create a fantastic video with slow motion, fast motion and many more video effects of special gaming scenarios. You can get an impression of what I mean by checking this video with some great effects:

This Event will be open for at least 4 weeks - maybe longer if no suitable content is given. There must not be a winner - there CAN be a winner. All depending in the quality of the video.

What you need:
- Fun in playing our Sentry server.
- 500+ Subs on Youtube - else your video will not get rated.
- Video MUST be at least be 1024x768, better HD 720p or FHD 1080p.
- Video MUST have smooth gameplay. Hardware lag is not allowed.
- 4 minutes of scenes
- Very short special effects can be taken from other content, but the gaming content must be taken from our sentry server
- Uploading on youtube means you need video name containing " CS 1.6 Sentry+Laser" and more if you want.
- The description must link to and must contain same stuff as the video title and a suitable description should be given too explaing what you can do in the server, sentry, laser, molotv, bazooka and more.
- Use your creativity to create a cool video

Maybe there is given VIP to video creators that did not win the admin ship.

Enjoy and have fun.

Post your videos UNDER this post as an answer. New threads getting deleted!

The YT links will be added here too.