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Aplication of administrator - TiffanY - 09-13-2021

1. Discord username with tag (for example, rian # 5387): TiffanY # 0412.

2. Age and country: 26 years old, England.

3. Time zone of your country: (GMT + 1)
Time in England, UK.

4. How many years of experience do you have: in discord ?: 14 years of administrative experience, currently administering more than 250 servers in discord.

5. Talk about yourself: -

6. Why should we choose you as an administrator?  : Assist in administration.

7. Why do you want to be an administrator on our Discord server ?: help in the administration, have an Excellent Administration would be, responsible, active, with a lot of dedication, etc.

8. Will do some partiality with your friends (Yes / No / Maybe): maybe.

9. Have you been an administrator on any other server ?: I am currently managing more than 250 servers in discord, and I would like to help in the administration since I have a lot of experience and I am very familiar with all the commands and I know all the bots.

10. Name 5 LPC Discord bots that you can handle: Quizbot, cactusfire, aplication bot, zsurvive, dyno, T4 bot, D-safe, umbrella, triviabot, suggester, etc.

RE: Aplication of administrator - Pepsi188 - 09-13-2021

i can't find you on the discord server

RE: Aplication of administrator - -=_(LPC)_=- BEAST - 09-14-2021

Yea same can't find invalid username and tag.
Either edit and change that username to correct ones or there is no use of reading it

RE: Aplication of administrator - Guna - 09-14-2021

Hello, How are you doing?

Good that you want to be of help to our community, but most of us would want the discord admin to be highly active in both discord and Forum....
So basically, what I'm trying to say is.... Keeping aside your Invalid tag, I personally feel you are not eligible .

(Leaving aside doesn't mean Don't change)

This is my personal opinion, i don't know if anyone would approve or not....
So make sure to update your Invalid Tag

It's NOT a PRO from me....

RE: Aplication of administrator - Pepsi188 - 09-14-2021

REJECTED, i don't trust you you said you manage over 250 servers , i asked you to invite me to a server and you said this " I would add you to a server, but I don't know you well yet for that, since I am managing over 250 servers. but since I don't know you, that's why I'm not sure. do you understand " , what harm would be if you invited me to a server??