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Discord Admin Application - Guna - 09-14-2021

1. Discord Username With Tag (eg. rian#5387)  :- Guna#1000

2. Age and Country  :- 20 and India

3. Timezone of your country  :- GMT +5:30

4. How many years of experience do you have  :- 2 years only

5. Tell about yourself  :- Hey, I am Guna .... From India. As you all know i like LPC and want to upgrade the level of the community

6. Why should we pick you as Admin?  :- Polite talk is something that's necessary for a person to be able to manage things, and I am pretty sure there are really few people that talk like me
I am confident in the way I deal things

7. Why do you wanna be an Admin on our Discord server  :- There are only so many things that my role can do.... So you can say, for a change looking forward for an upgrade

8. Will do any partiality with your friends (Yes/No/Maybe)  :- Maybe

9. Have you been Admin on any other server?  :- Yes

10. Name any 5 bots from LPC Discord that you can handle  :- OwO , Give away , server status , Dank memer , Unbelievaboat

RE: Discord Admin Application - Pepsi188 - 09-14-2021


RE: Discord Admin Application - rian - 09-14-2021

yep. pro from me too.