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SPARKLY (?) speed - skinny_sooknew - 04-27-2022

hello, last few days a player with name Hi entered the server and used speedhack to gain advantage.
Two strange things noticed: cheater would join my team, regardless if I had sentry guns or not (he knew me)
second: cheater is very high level (39)

So I saved his steam ID and a little demo, when steam ID compares to a player named SPARKLY it matches all same numbers.

note- as soon as I joined spec team he ran away from the server, I did take this screenshot of his stats during the few seconds I had. the same info is inside demo as well.

screenshot of cheater's stats from spectator team:


discussion about this was on discord as well, admin Random put some screenshots and says he has a demo too.

RE: SPARKLY (?) speed - 01Random10 - 04-28-2022

Yeah he used speed 100% sure. But don't get aimbot or not. Here is my demo
He changed his nick while using cheat. I had gone through his stats also posted SS of his all nick in discord.