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Unban request - mosokorv - mosokorv - 05-07-2022

Hi, unban me please! Smile

1. Nick - mosokorv

2. Evidence -

3. Information from the Console ban

||| You are banned
||| Nick: mosokorv
||| IP:
||| SteamID: STEAM_0:1:12208966
||| By admin: shahak^
||| Reason: Wallhack
||| Ban created: 07.05.2022 - 11:59:36
||| For length: Permanent
||| On: | Dust2 24/7 | Steam-Bonus (de_dust2)
||| Time left: Forever
||| Will expire: Never
Kicked by Console: "You are banned. Check Your console."
Kicked :"You are banned. Check Your console."
Completed demo

4. Describe the situation

RE: Unban request - mosokorv - rian - 05-08-2022

In my eyes you were using WH and AIM. I watched you quite long before shahak joined the server. Your shooting with the shotgun and looking quite straight to the enemy was obvious to me.
You must wait for someone else to check the demo.
Pro: you are requesting unban & you are steam user.

RE: Unban request - mosokorv - Pepsi188 - 05-08-2022

yea , little bit strange when you played with the mp5 but not that suspicion i don't know let's wait for rian again or others to watch the demo

RE: Unban request - mosokorv - Noks - 05-08-2022

i played with mosokorv many times he is good player and smart , when i watched the demo nothing suspect if you talk about WH, ofc he can read the game most of the players are what can i say maybe newbies. for me 100% CLEAN

RE: Unban request - mosokorv - rian - 05-09-2022

unbanned. happy guy. Big Grin